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Aug 22, 2019

Our History
Henan Dongchen Century Puriflcation Technology Co.,Ltd. (DCC for short), formerly known as China's first 1601 branch of aviation industry, completely reformed its state-owned shares in June 2012 in order to make markets more flexible and specialize. After the restructuring, Henan Dongchen Century Puriflcation Technology Co.,Ltd., in power, fine chemicals, coal chemicals, clean refining, IGCC, metallurgy,
Biopharmaceutical industry has won the affirmation of customers!
In order to further improve my company's products, the company holding - xinxiang god boiler co., LTD., has many years production boiler, non-standard chemical equipment experience, has perfect mechanical processing, forming, cutting, welding, lifting, nondestructive testing, such as processing ability, with A1, A2 class pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, is the north manufacturing boiler, pressure vessel.
Our Factory
Team of company technology strength, technical quality, style, advanced and complete testing facilities and laboratory equipment specialized in all kinds of new type of filtration purification system technology research, design, manufacture, sales, production and operation of filtration equipment, filter, filter, dust removal equipment, filters, and environmental protection equipment of the professional company.
I company in terms of dry pulverized coal pressurized gasification with engineering thermal physics research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, NCPE, CWCEC, TPRI, HT - L extensive exchanges and cooperation, developed a new type of high efficient gas-liquid, gas-solid separator of high temperature dust collector and so on, has obtained the engineering thermal physics research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, NCPE, CWCEC, TPRI, HT - L's consistent high praise, at the same time as engineering thermal physics research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, NCPE, CWCEC, TPRI, HT - L qualified suppliers.
Dong Chen century will be adhering to the "people-oriented, credibility, strives for realism the innovation, the pursuit of excellence" and the concept of "technology, Perfe perfect, responsibility, innovation" the spirit of giving full play to the advantages of technology talents, exchanges and cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad, trying to be worthy of the name to the technology service center, technical supervision center, achievements and high-tech talent training center;
While ensuring that all aspects of the "domestic first-class" at the same time, strive for "first-class management, first-class technology, first-class service, first-class equipment, first-class personnel, first-class products" to achieve the "international first-class" medium and long term goals, service customers, to promote the sustainable development of China's filtration and purification technology and industry.
Our Product
▲ Complete set of filtration equipment and components for gas-liquid separation;
▲ Complete set of gas-solid separation filtration equipment and components;
▲ Solid - liquid separation complete set of filtration equipment and components;
▲ Complete set of filtration equipment and components for liquid-liquid separation;
▲ Pressure vessels of category I and ii;
▲ Research and design of new industrial filtration technology;
Product Application
Compressor (equipment manufacturing), fine chemical industry, coal chemical industry, clean refining, IGCC, metallurgy, biological pharmaceutical industry
Our Service
Before sale:
Technical exchange and business negotiation;
Production quality control and production schedule;
After sale:
Regular telephone return visit to equipment operation and matters needing attention;
NumberDevicenameSpecifications and modelsQuantity (sets)
1Filter core corrugation molding machineGL-1000-B1
2Filter core corrugation molding machineGL-1200-A1
3Filter material cutting machineFQ-12501
4Automatic filter material cutting machineFQ-10001
5Arc welding rectifierZD5-1001
6Dc argon arc welding machineTIG200S6
7SCR rectifier argon arc welding machineZX5-630A4
8Silicon controlled rectifier gas shielded welding machineNB-500K1
9MZ automatic submerged arc welding machineMA-8001
10Gas shielded welding machineNB-5008
11IGBT inverter type multi-purpose dc pulse argon arc welding machineWSM-4002
12Manual argon arc welding machineNSA-4005
13Automatic submerged arc welding machineMZ-10004
14Plasma cutting machineLGK80/100/1603
15Lapping machine80*25001
16Crimping machine30*22002
17Air compressorW-0.9112.53
18Profile cutting machineGG2-150A2
19Weld roller rackZT-10T5
20Weld roller rackZT-5T5
21Weld roller rackZT-50T2
22Bridge craneZD110-91
23Drying ovenZYHC-302
24Double beam craneDL-50T2
25Single and double beam drivingDL-5-32T9
26Semi-automatic cutting machineSH4-15001
27Drilling machineZ4112-4016A2
30Milling machineX5030A1
31Sawing machineLDJ4240/B1
32X-ray flaw detectorXXH-25051
33Ultrasonic flaw detectorTS-2008C1
34Black meterTD-2101
35Ac magnetic choke flaw detectorCJX-220E1
36Ultrasonic thickness gaugeHCH-2000C1
37Filter material aperture testerGY-1500F1
38Filter integrity test benchGY/A-15001
39Filter pressure drop characteristic test benchGYJ-100A1
40Filter rupture strength test benchGYQ-50B1
41Filter performance test bedGYDT-501
42The filter passes through the test bed several timesGYDT-200A1Royal Purple Oil Filter suppliers